• 18 years or older

  • Committed to completing a 30-min or less workout every day for 30 days

  • Committed to following a Meal Plan as closely as possible

  • Willing to share before and after photos and written feedback

Tone up in the comfort of your own home. Shed fat and build lean muscle through a combination of cardio, bodyweight resistance training and healthy eating for 30 days.


It's all online, so YOU choose what time of day and where you complete the daily workouts

Recommended for:

  • All fitness levels.

  • Fat loss and lean muscle building.

  • Holistic lifestyle change.


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Challenge Guide.

We give you all the information and tools you need to successfully complete the Challenge.


You receive exclusive access to the Challenge Videos each week.

30-Day Meal Plan.

You get a day by day Meal Plan with preparation tips, portion sizes and recipes. This takes the guesswork out of what to eat every day, and guarantees weight loss of at least 1 lb per week.


You are not in this alone.

Your Coach is always accessible - via phone, e-mail and WhatsApp as needed.


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$100 TTD




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"The exercises as well as the meal plan definitely produced results for me. The best part is that you can workout anytime during the day. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who would like to start or get back into a healthier lifestyle.” - K.G.W.

"This challenge introduced me to healthy eating. There is no easy fix to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, it's hard work. It's an excellent programme but it will not work, if you don't do the work. Thank you Core Wellness TT for beginning my healthy lifestyle journey!” - A.M.

"I’m more energetic and motivated to workout" - D.B.

"My Energy level is up, I eat a lot healthier, my clothes fit better. It feels good to live a healthy lifestyle. Overall the challenge was guys gave me the inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful experience." - K.S.

"I really enjoyed it . Go CORE!" - Ria John

“This challenge was awesome! The meal plan is really amazing and well thought through. Eating healthier made me feel better even though there were times I went off the meal plan. The workout routine made me challenge myself daily...I feel great after this challenge. Ready for the next one." - T.D.

"This 30 day booty pump challenge was a really great experience for me. I am a dancer so I thought it should be easy enough to do; little did I know the struggle ahead lol. Even though I didn’t use the smoothie recipes the fact that I had to make sure to drink a smoothie 3 times a week was helpful with regards to eating healthier. Overall it was great. I’m even going to try to continue along to maintain my results...Thank you CORE Wellness" - T.H.

"This challenge was really a challenge lol...+25 was always a killer, but it was worth it. It is very detailed and organised and can give good results (if you stick to everything on the program...including the shakes). I am thankful for being part of this challenge." - J.T.

"The Booty Pump challenge was the step I needed to begin my journey towards a more active lifestyle. After my second child, I promised myself that I would become more active. However, days turned to weeks and weeks to months with no progress. [This] was just what I needed. I have seen improvements in my energy levels, strength in my legs and glutes as well as endurance. Thanks CoreTT for the push in the right direction!" - Tara Morris

"This challenge is really a challenge. Time, commitment and discipline are required to benefit from this challenge." - R.S.

"This challenge was great. At first I wasn’t sure of the outcome but now after the results, it was worth every exercise." - A.M.

"I definitely owe my fitness and health success for the year thus far to CORE! I feel different, more confident and motivated to do this for me in the long run. Not only am I becoming physically fit and losing weight but I have noticed from my clean eating and received compliments of clean skin and a natural glow. The constant communication and accountability has been a tremendous help and motivating factor. You get that true sense that the coach is really interested in your health..." - Chen


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