A comprehensive 3-month Program that strategically takes members through a systematic fitness model for fat loss, lean muscle building, cardiovascular endurance and overall health.

With this System, you get:

CORE Driven + CORE Nutrition + CORE Health

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Month 1

Stability and Mobility Training,

Core Stability and Balance,

Functional Movement and

Aerobic-Efficiency Training

Month 2

Cardiovascular Endurance,

High-Intensity Interval Training,

Bodyweight Resistance Training and

Fat Loss

Month 3

Sspeed and Power,

Weight Training and

Lean Muscle Building

CORE Driven is a 3-month Exercise Program detailed below.

Complete the program online with 'My CORE' Online (-/+/=):

Minus (-) if you desire to lose weight

Plus (+) if you desire to gain weight

Equal (=) if you desire to maintain your current weight or get lean

Working out without eating right makes very little sense.

With CORE Nutrition, you receive a Nutrition Guide to accompany CORE Driven. The Guide includes:

1 - Nutrition Information

2 - Shopping List

3 - Smoothie Recipes

*Personalised day-by-day Meal Plans are available upon request, at an additional cost

You should always consult a physician before beginning a new fitness regimen. 

CORE Health offers:

1 - Discussion of Health Issues (diabetes, hypertension etc.)

2 - Health Tips for managing existing conditions

3 - Weight and Body Measurements

4 - Fitness Assessments


Trinidad & Tobago

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