Training is only part of the equation.


Our programs provide you with easy-to-follow Nutrition Guides to complement your lifestyle change.

Free Nutrition Guides.

Each program that's part of the CORE System includes a Free Nutrition Guide containing:

  • Nutrition Tips

  • Shopping List

  • Meal Plan Ideas

  • Quick-fix Meal Recipes

  • Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Eating Tips.

Learn about the nutritional value of different foods in our Healthy Eating A-Z Series.

Meal Plans.

A Free 30-Day Meal Plan is included in our Online 30-Day Challenges.

If you desire a customised day-to-day Meal Plan, we can connect you with one of our Consultant Dietitians or Nutritionists.

Simply Email Us your contact information for more info.

All-Natural Cleanses/Detoxes.

We periodically hold 7-day cleanses in which clients and other participants are invited to naturally detox their bodies using fruits, vegetables and plain yogurt – eating (and

drinking) raw for one week.

Would you like to try a FREE 7-Day Raw Food Cleanse?


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