DAY 4 - My Competitive EDGE

February 8, 2018

What makes your brand different from your competitors?



I talked about this in another blog post.


I help my clients with their health and fitness goals in a different way than my competitors because I don't - 

> place you on restrictive, unrealistic diets;

> make you measure everything you eat and count every calorie;

> force you to do more than your starting level allows; 

> belittle you if you can't "keep up" (yes I've witnessed this from other trainers); or

> leave you to fend for yourself at the back of class.


Instead, I - 

> give you realistic nutrition tips you can incorporate into your daily life;

> help you understand how foods fuel or fight the body, and therefore help you to *want* to make better choices yourself;

> give you modifications of exercises according to your abilities, and focus on form and proper execution rather than treating everyone like you're supposed to be a superstar athlete;

> support and encourage each individual, and do my best to make you feel like part of a family.


My clients choose me over my competitors because I'm not some gym rat who's been fit all my life and thinks everyone should be at my level...and that you're "not trying hard enough" if you aren't. No! I understand what it's like to be unfit.


Therefore, I meet you where you are, push you to *your* max, and take the time to develop a relationship with you that goes beyond the sessions.





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If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message at or WhatsApp 1.868.749.6716.


Follow my own health and fitness journey on Instagram @coachktt, and when you're ready, sign up for CORE, and let's TRAIN Hard. EAT Right & LIVE Well!


#CoreWellnessTT #NoMoreExcuses



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