DAY 1 - My WHY

Why did you start this business in the first place?

I talked about this in my very first blog post.

Cancer was this “thing” that was ruining “other” people’s lives; affecting “other” families. Never did I think it would hit home. My mother, my BEST friend, fought hard, but we lost her in June of 2014 - just 2 days after her birthday. It was a wake-up call - My first “why”

My second “why” was an asthma attack in front of 50+ Air Guard recruits and countless officers, at the end of a failed fitness assessment (I talked about that in the video lol). I was terribly out of shape, and promised myself that I would never feel like that again.

I whipped my butt into shape, confronted my doubles and chocolate addictions, and felt so much pride and joy in my progress that I purposed to help others do the same.

I started CORE for people like me: gym-hating, non-calorie-counting, real-food-eating, running-hating individuals who simply want a program that’s realistic, enjoyable, and sustainable…

individuals who understand that healthy living is a marathon, not a sprint; a lifestyle; not a fad…

Individuals who don’t just want to look good, but feel and BE WELL…

I started CORE to help someone to - as far as possible - avoid/prevent/delay the incidence of noncommunicable diseases that are taking so many of our loved ones.

I started CORE Wellness TT to change habits and save lives.


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If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message at or WhatsApp 1.868.749.6716.

Follow my own health and fitness journey on Instagram @coachktt, and when you're ready, sign up for CORE, and let's TRAIN Hard. EAT Right & LIVE Well!

#CoreWellnessTT #NoMoreExcuses

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