DAY 5 - My Brand STORY

Pulling it all together...What is your Brand Story?

I'm Kershelle, a Public Health Consultant, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of CORE Wellness TT. We offer health and wellness consultancy services and fitness programs.

I got into this business because I lost my mother to cancer, which was a wake up call to take better care of myself. A while later, I failed a fitness assessment, which revealed how unfit I was, and empowered me to change my lifestyle from unhealthy food addictions and the 'occasional workout' to consistent exercise and balanced eating. I felt first-hand the immense benefits of this, and made up my mind to help others feel the same. My schedule was flexible and I was tired of job hunting so I took the leap, and haven't looked back.

I help individuals who may not like going to the gym, or prefer genuine support and a personal touch along their wellness journey. I take pride in being able to customise the program so that even in group sessions, each client gets individual attention and modifications to exercises as needed, based on their fitness level. Whether you're struggling with your health, weight and/or fitness, I aim to make you feel, look, and live better through realistic and sustainable healthful practices.

There are sooo many things that make CORE different, but in a nutshell, it boils down to ~RELATIONSHIP~ - Most trainers (and I'm speaking from personal experience and observation) are gym-rats who have always been fit and find it difficult to understand their clients' struggles. This can lead to improper training and injuries, demotivation, and a downright unpleasant experience. So many of my clients are previous gym-goers who have mostly negative stories of their experience and 'trainers'.

I however, have NOT always been fit and healthy, so I *know* what it feels like to struggle with unhealthy food habits and low physical fitness. I am a product of my own system, so I am able to relate to my clients and their struggles. I try to make CORE feel like a family, so that each member knows that someone is genuinely invested in their health and wellness journey.

Rather than stressing on all the things that you can't or shouldn't do to lose weight or be healthier, I focus on what you *can*. After all, your health and wellness journey should be an enjoyable process!

CORE is holistic.

CORE is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

CORE is practical.

CORE works.

I love what I do, because with each day that passes, I know that we are helping to build a nation of healthier, more active individuals.

Join me and change your habits, to save your life.


If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message at or WhatsApp 1.868.749.6716.

Follow my own health and fitness journey on Instagram @coachktt, and when you're ready, sign up for CORE, and let's TRAIN Hard. EAT Right & LIVE Well!

#CoreWellnessTT #NoMoreExcuses

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