WANTED: Fitness Buddy

July 18, 2018

Want to Train With Me?



Trust me, I get it. Starting is hard. You tell yourself over and over again that you’re going to start tomorrow… or next week… or next month.

Sometimes, you just need an extra push - an accountability partner.


Let me be your partner!


Ask yourself the following questions:

- Am I tired of not feeling (and looking) my best?

- Am I ready to get up and start moving?

- Am I willing to find the time to train for one month straight?

- Am I ready to stop making excuses?


If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, then I have an opportunity for you.


I will select one person to train, for FREE, for one month.

There’s no catch.


Here’s how it works:

Starting on June 30, 2018, I will be your Fitness Buddy - your health and fitness accountability partner.

As your accountability partner, I will be on this journey with you. What that means is, from the comfort of your home, you get your own virtual personal trainer who doesn’t just give orders. We BOTH begin this program.

I will provide you with the tools (workouts, nutrition guidance and motivation) to get moving, and we BOTH exercise and eat clean.


How do we do this together?

We mutually decide on a time to exercise each day, and we both exercise at that time and check in with each other via WhatsApp.

So, even though we’re not in the same physical place, you have the assurance that miles away, I’m “right there” with you, doing the same things you are, at the same time.


Here are the rules.

You must:

1. be currently inactive (haven’t exercised consistently within the past three months);

2. be a new client (not a past or current member of any CORE program);

3. be committed to exercising five days a week, and eating well;

4. provide visual proof (photos/video) of you completing your task each day; and

5. be okay with sharing this proof on social media*


Why the sharing?

*The aim of this program is to encourage others to get up and get moving.

We (trainers) can post a hundred photos and videos of ourselves working out, but it won’t have the same impact as seeing other persons just like you - who don’t do this for a living - make the change from a sedentary life, to a healthier, more active one.

It is my hope that by working alongside you on this journey, YOU will be motivated and inspired to make it a lifestyle, and by sharing your journey, others will be motivated and inspired by YOU.



What do you say, buddy?


Yes? Great, here's what to do:

If this sounds like something you want to do, then click any ONE of the links below and comment on the Facebook or Instagram post that brought you here, and tell us why you need a Fitness Buddy.

What goals do you have that would be easier to achieve with a trainer to support and push you?

Why do you want this?


<Comment on Facebook here>
Comment on CORE's Instagram here>

<Comment on My Instagram here>



I'll be choosing my new Fitness Buddy on July 25 :)




If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message at coachk@corewellnesstt.com or WhatsApp 1.868.270.3809


Follow my own health and fitness journey on Instagram @coachktt, and when you're ready, sign up for CORE, and let's TRAIN Hard. EAT Right & LIVE Well!


#CoreWellnessTT #NoMoreExcuses



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WANTED: Fitness Buddy

July 18, 2018

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