There are hundreds of "lose weight now" promises out there, but the truth is - unless you make it a lifestyle that's easy to maintain, it's not going to last.




Aren't you tired of the one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to fitness and weight loss?

Trainers who care more about their mirror selfies than they do about their clients... Programs that have no variety and don't cater to your needs...


Every body is different. What works for you won't necessarily work for someone else. We understand that, and so we work with you to find what's best for you and your goals.


We don't believe in treating symptoms.

> You have belly fat - "Do crunches"

> You have a cold - "Take Panadol"


We believe in treating the CAUSES of the symptoms - getting to the CORE of whatever it is that's affecting your health and wellness, and in turn your journey to fitness.

> You have belly fat - "What kinds of food are you eating? Why are you snacking late at night?"

> You have a cold - "Why isn't your immune system able to fight off infections?"


Losing weight can be easy. It can be quick. It can be drastic. But if it is, then more than likely - it will also be unhealthy.

We help you to lose weight in a healthy manner that's easy to maintain and turn into a lifestyle; a daily practice that reaps benefits for years to come.


We're not trying to sell you powders and pills;

We're not trying to get you into a pyramid-scheme;

We're not trying to make you sell any products.

We want to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE... and more importantly, MAINTAIN THAT CHANGE.

Become part of the family.

Still not convinced?

Find out what makes CORE right for YOU here.

Join us, and let's get to the CORE today!


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